Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Great Plains Lending is a website where people can find fast, easy cash loans. The owners don't make credit decisions or offer short term financial help in any form - we're just an online connection for those looking to get their hands on some quick money! If you need more information about your individual deal before signing up (such as details regarding approval emails), please contact the lender who issued that particular loan; they'll be able assist with all of these matters promptly and efficiently.

What are requirements for for short term loans?

Fast cash loans are easy to get, as long as you have poor credit. Most lenders will give money without checking your account balance or taking into consideration any other factors that could prevent approval- just make sure these three requirements match up: 1) earning at least $800 per month2a US citizen 18 years old+ 2b Or if applying in person then provide documentation showing identity proof (driver's license etc.) 3 Be employed!

What is a personal loan, and can I use it for whatever I want?

There's a reason people get personal loans--to help with unexpected expenses, holiday shopping and more. If you need cash fast but your bank isn't giving it out right now or if something bad happened that made this necessary then we can give immediate access to funds without any long waiting periods!

When will I receive my money?

The process of getting a short-term loan is quick, but you'll need to wait at least 1 business day before the funds are available. If approved by one our lenders in network and receiving cash for an emergency this quickly can be as little as 2 hours!

How can I keep my privacy and personal information secure?

When you transmit your application data to our lender network, it is encrypted using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption. This means that no one except those who have the proper key will be able view what information comes into or goes out of GreatPlainsLendings-com on behalf of any individual applicant - making them extremely private!

Do I have to go into a shop or stand in line?

GreatPlainsLendings provides an easy and private way to apply for a loan from the comfort of your home computer, laptop or smart phone. The process takes less than five minutes with no embarrassing lines at inconvenient times!

Is there any fee? is a free, online lending service that helps people in need of cash get the money they need more quickly and efficiently than traditional methods allow for - all without any hidden fees or interest rates! You can find out exactly what your proposed terms would be before you decide if it's right for YOU by visiting our website at