Rates & Fees

How much will I be charged for taking out a personal loan?

How much will I be charged for taking out a personal loan? The answer is straightforward, yet complex. Your fee will be determined by the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of your loan.

Range of Annual Percentages (APR)

Please keep in mind that GreatPlainsLendings.com is not a lender and does not give short-term loans, but rather connects clients with lenders from Nevada who might offer such services. If you are accepted for a loan through GreatPlainsLendings.com, the actual APR (Annual Percentage Rate).

The APR on a short term loan can range from 200% to 2,290%. This is the interest rate that will be used for all of your loans if you take out money at different times and have varying degrees in fees or other factors. Keep this information updated with what's happening during every step!

Your APR will depend on the information you provide to lenders and a variety of other factors. For this reason, it is important that any customers who are interested in finding out more about their individual loan fees or other terms contact them directly with these questions prior to applying for financing through our company!

The business of helping people obtain small loans from Nationwide. The consumer is not obligated to provide any personal information and will be retuned to the lender at the conclusion of their search if they do not qualify for a loan. Our site, GreatPlainsLendings.com, does not operate as a lender and does not charge any fees for it!

How does the APR for a single payment small dollar loan compare to other options?

Compare your options for the cost of $100 extension of credit for 14 days:

Product Type (single repayment) Charge APR
NSF + Bounced Check $45.00 1,173.21%
Overdraft Fee $30.00 782.14%
Late Fee $20.00 521.43%

The Consequences of Non-Payment, Late Payment, and Incomplete Payments

When you agree to the terms and conditions of a loan offer, it is important that your understanding includes all fees associated with this agreement. You will be paying back not just principal but also finance charges in accordance with how long these are shown on paper from lenders such as yourself who provide them - additional costs could arise if we're unable or late making our monthly payments!

GreatPlainsLendings.com cannot predict what you will pay in fees or charges as a result of late payments, partial repayments and non-repayment on your loan from Las Vegas Lender Company LLC (LasVegasLC). Great Plains lendings makes an effort to work only with reputable lenders that pursue past due accounts fairly according the company's policies detailed within their contracts.